Jogging: A road to good health

Jogging: A road to good health


Jogging can be denied is right for you. A study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine followed 500 older runners for over 20 years. It was found that now aged runners had fewer disabilities, a longer and more active life were half as likely to aging as non-runners to die early deaths. There are also strong links between regular workouts, lower stress levels, and greater satisfaction with life.

So, do you run the elixir of a long and healthy life? “Any exercise makes your body younger,” says Professor Rob Newton, founding professor of exercise and sport science at Edith Cowan University (

“If you do weight, Pilates or jogging, each type of exercise is a different drug with its own advantages.”

When you go running

“Just tying your shoes to run, your body starts to prepare for the race,” he said. “Your heart rate begins to increase, blood begins to be redistributed away from your digestive system and muscles to prepare for activity.”

At first, the benefits increase. “The body does wonderful things when you go jogging,” Newton said. “He decides what muscles need blood and move there, endorphin hormone is released, which eliminates the pain so it can run longer.” By increasing your heart rate to about 60 [percent] for 80 percent of your maximum heart rate , Strengthens and improves its efficiency “.

It is also ideal for boosting your immunity.

“Running is like putting a tube in a drain,” Newton said. “When you exercise, you create a nice pumping system that depletes your lymphatic system, helping to eliminate insects.”

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