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Trotting and long-term health

Trotting and long-term health

Trotting and long-term health


Surprisingly, 70 percent of the Australian population is no exercise or does not comply with recommendations recommended by the World Health Organization for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. “We are now a nation suffering from sarcopenic obesity where it lowers muscle mass and increases fat mass,” Newton said.

However, the lack of activity in our country once the sportswoman who has concerns for the experts. “Being fat does not cause heart disease, it’s a low level of physical activity,” he said. “You may be obese, but if you do 150 minutes of exercise a week, the risk of dying from anything is going to be a third that has a normal weight, but that is sedentary.”

And for the 5.4 million Australian low bone content, running is one of the best exercises to change this diagnosis.

Up to 60 to 150 minutes of running each week will increase your life expectancy by about six years.

“Every time you hit the ground, the load through your body during the” flight phase “is two to three times your body weight,” says Newton. This produces positive incentives for the bones, through the legs, hips and lumbar spine.

Bones, which have small cells, respond to the changing force, and measure the charge at each force. This generates electrical currents in the cells and stimulates them to deposit more bone. “While anti-osteoporosis drugs simply increase bone mass at random and poison cells that remove bone. It seems like a lot of builders who put bricks in a construction site, but in fact they do not create structure.”

Make sure it is suitable

“You should get the right shoe for your foot,” said Anna Baird, the podiatrist and shoe designer ( “A beautiful shoe may look elegant, but it was made for a different form of walking or running style like yours, which can only cause personal injury.”

Or participate in any shoe? Running barefoot has recently experienced a resurgence, but it’s not for everyone.

“If you’re an experienced runner, then you’ll be fine,” Baird said. “When you run barefoot, you will naturally landed on the front foot and when you wear shoes, it will put you on the heel, resulting in increased pressure on your body.

“However, the onset of the front foot means that it will hit the ground more often. It depends on the strength of your body and your running style of what you choose to do.”

Heat or not?

“It takes five to ten minutes to allow the transition from rest to rigorous exercise, and even reverse,” said Chris van Hoof, sports coach.

“This is the most dangerous time where you can have a cardiovascular event or injury.”

Remember, jogging should not be a daily exercise routine. “In a 48-hour period doing something different,” Newton said. “Jog every two days, but between mixing with a weight training, cycling or swimming as they do not hit the same muscle groups. This allows the bones and muscles to form again.

“[Then] 48 hours after the race, hit another stimulant.”


Jogging: A road to good health

Jogging: A road to good health


Jogging can be denied is right for you. A study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine followed 500 older runners for over 20 years. It was found that now aged runners had fewer disabilities, a longer and more active life were half as likely to aging as non-runners to die early deaths. There are also strong links between regular workouts, lower stress levels, and greater satisfaction with life.

So, do you run the elixir of a long and healthy life? “Any exercise makes your body younger,” says Professor Rob Newton, founding professor of exercise and sport science at Edith Cowan University (

“If you do weight, Pilates or jogging, each type of exercise is a different drug with its own advantages.”

When you go running

“Just tying your shoes to run, your body starts to prepare for the race,” he said. “Your heart rate begins to increase, blood begins to be redistributed away from your digestive system and muscles to prepare for activity.”

At first, the benefits increase. “The body does wonderful things when you go jogging,” Newton said. “He decides what muscles need blood and move there, endorphin hormone is released, which eliminates the pain so it can run longer.” By increasing your heart rate to about 60 [percent] for 80 percent of your maximum heart rate , Strengthens and improves its efficiency “.

It is also ideal for boosting your immunity.

“Running is like putting a tube in a drain,” Newton said. “When you exercise, you create a nice pumping system that depletes your lymphatic system, helping to eliminate insects.”

Improve or Prevent Osteoporosis

How to Improve or Prevent Osteoporosis with Nutrition and Exercise

How to Improve or Prevent Osteoporosis with Nutrition and Exercise


While bone pain is often a sign of aging, there is a much more serious cause that affects men and women, especially those over 50 years. In fact, the United States, one in five women over the age of 50 was diagnosed osteoporosis, sagging bones that can cause pain in the back and neck, as well as breaks and fractures. Studies also indicate that bone loss from osteoporosis can also cause a decrease in height of up to 5 inches over time.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body produces too little bone or loses too much bone. When this happens, the bones become weak and brittle, allowing them to break easily. The bone of reality becomes porous, causing holes and gaps in the bones themselves. Those with this condition have a decreased bone density and mass and abnormal tissue structure. They play on increasing the risk of aches, pains and fractures.

The best defense against osteoporosis is to take proactive measures to prevent the development of this disease. It is very important to be aware of your family history when it comes to this condition, as it turned out to be hereditary. This will allow you to start early in your prevention, especially as we are only bones up to the age of 30 years. Along with this, there are several ways to do this to prevent the development and progression of this disease.

While people often assume that it is food, it is not correct. Yes, in fact, diet is important, but when it comes to preventing osteoporosis, exercise also plays an important role. The recommendation is to exercise for about 5 days a week for about 30 minutes. In addition, it is important to participate not only in aerobic exercise, but also strength training, perhaps alternately. Resistance exercise requires you to work against excess weight, which can include: bending, weights, resistance bands or the use of weight machines. Some of the weight gain exercises to keep in mind are: walking, running, jumping rope, and even climbing. Studies have also shown that a daily yoga routine can help increase bone mineral density in the spine, hips and thighs.

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Make sure you take adequate amounts of calcium is also essential for the prevention of osteoporosis. According to the National Institutes of Health, adults should take 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, with 1 200 milligrams for women over age 50 and men over age 70. Calcium can be found in cabbage, spinach, sardines or rainbow trout heaven, white beans, soy and calcium fortified foods such as orange juice and cereals. Although a proper diet can provide this amount, supplements can also provide the body with calcium to meet your needs. However, it is important to remember to take these supplements with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in the body’s ability to absorb, store and use calcium. Exposure to the sun is what triggers the production of vitamin D in the body, but can also be found in fortified foods such as milk, orange juice and cereal for breakfast.

Since research has long shown a link between high sodium intake and loss of bone mass, it is recommended that salt intake is limited. Taking high amounts of sodium tends to increase the amount of calcium that is found in urine and sweat, which can cause bone spurs. Those who received blood pressure often have higher levels of calcium in their urine. For others, it may also result from a hereditary metabolic condition. Anyway, try to limit excessive salt intake can be effective in preventing osteoporosis.

Another culprit in causing bone loss is the consumption of soft drinks. There are several ideas about the fact that sodium can damage the health of bones. First, instead of getting a snack that provides calcium and vitamin D, you could choose instead of soda, which lacks these nutrients. In addition, caffeine has been found to inhibit calcium absorption and many sodas are loaded with caffeine. Another concern is that phosphoric acid in soda may be responsible. While phosphorus is a major bone mineral, it is worrisome to take an uneven amount

Healthy Pineapple

Healthy Pineapple “Fried” Rice

Easy, Healthy Pineapple “Fried” Rice


One of our favorite ways to bring vegetables to a pile at a meal without thinking too much is through the fried rice dishes – well, fried rice, pseudo-where the rice is cooked and stirred with everything else just before serving, in Place to fry in oil. We also like to use brown, black or wild rice to ensure that we reap the benefits that whole grains bring to the table. If you use good products, fresh herbs and a little chili sauce, you will find these recipes pack both flavor and traditional dish, but without the unnecessary calories and added fat.

Other fraudulent ways to add on vegetables: salad, soup, vintage bowls and burritos and burritos bowls

The other advantage of this recipe is the speed at which it is ready. This is one of the exciting, heartwarming and heartwarming meals you can realistically prepare from start to finish after a day’s work. Moreover, the recipe can be adapted to what you have on hand or the season in your local market. Are mushrooms not good? Try some small eggplant cubes or small cauliflower flakes. As with most recipes, the use of goods, quality ingredients result in something delicious.

To balance the salty elements of soy sauce, sesame oil and vegetables filled with umami, this recipe incorporates pieces of sweet, slightly acidic pineapple, but they become caramelized and sweet once they are heated.

The key to good fried rice cooked the dish quickly – a burst of high fire gives vegetables a deep smoky flavor. More than that, and you are going to be soft, damp and pale. For this reason, it is very important that you leave all the ingredients dry after the wash so that they do not get hot.

The added benefit of this flash cooking technique is that it keeps enough vegetables intact in their natural form; In fact, just grown. In this way, they will consume more nutrients and fiber than they if they have been cooked with steam, or have cooked the roast.

1/2 cup frozen peas
1 cup brown rice
2 eggs
1/2 chopped onion
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 cup fresh pineapple cubes
2 scales (only white and light green parts), chopped
Sesame oil 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce, to serve
Cilantro, to serve

Feeding a medium-sized pile of water to boiling; Add the peas and cook until tender, about 5 minutes; Drain and transfer to a large container. In the same pot, cook brown rice according to package directions. Transfer to a bowl with peas and set aside.

In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil to combine.

In another bowl, beat the eggs until smooth. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat, add the eggs and cook, stirring occasionally, until the eggs are coded. Transfer to a bowl with rice and peas and cover with foil.

In the same very high heat, add the remaining tablespoon of sesame oil. Once the oil begins to glow, add the onion, mushroom and pineapple in a uniform layer, leaving the vegetables charm, stirring occasionally, for 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the vegetables into a bowl with rice. Serve immediately with coriander and soy sauce on one side.