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DTE Karnataka Diploma Results 2017

DTE Karnataka Diploma Results 2017: Declared at

DTE Karnataka Diploma Results 2017: Declared at


The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Karnataka has published the results of the second grade, 4th, 6th semester Polytechnic 2017 exam.

All candidates can check their results and

ETT has conducted the exam in April statewide.

How to check results DTE Karnataka:

To verify the same, all the applicants must follow the steps that are mentioned below;

Go to the official website,
On the homepage, find the link ‘Karnataka Diploma Results for May / June 2016
Enter your institute code, and record your half numbers
Click to send
Results will be displayed on the computer screen
Download and extract the same print for future reference.
Meanwhile, the Karnataka DTE initiated the assignment of positions for its diploma of the 16 of June

About the Karnataka Department of Education:

The Department of Technical Education, Karnataka is one of the best technical training that offers diploma courses to candidates.

He was born in 1959 after increasing a number of colleges and technical careers in the state.

It is responsible for reviewing several courses of polytechnic graduates and awarding diplomas to the selected candidates.

In addition, it supervises the planning and programs for the development of technical schools in the state in both degree and diploma. In addition, he organized a diploma exam twice a year between April-May and November-December.

Degree engineering admissions

Degree engineering admissions for diploma holders from July 3

Degree engineering admissions for diploma holders from July 3


The admission committee for professional courses (CCCC) will begin the admission procedure for diploma engineering courses for graduates from July 3. The first phase will begin with the distribution of PIN codes and will continue until July 10.
CAAA officials said that online registration for grade holders will take place between July 4 and July 11. The admissions committee will publish the seat matrix for engineering courses on July 20 and the provisional list of merits on July 24. The CCCC will announce it deserves the final July 31 and the final allocation of the seats will be on August 5th.
Gujarat has about 42,000 places for engineering courses and half of them were vacant last year.
Ten percent of the seats are reserved for holders of diplomas. These students receive admission to the third engineering semester. In the last four years, engineering courses were filled with graduates, according to the sources.

Backward Design, Forward Progress

Backward Design, Forward Progress

Backward Design, Forward Progress


The focus faculty readers are probably already familiar with the back design. The more easily connected to researchers like Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe and Dee Fink, during this approach requires the construction of teachers to initially ignore specific class content. Instead, the designer begins the process by identifying desired learning goals and designing optimal instruments to measure and evaluate. It was only later that the specific content in comes in – and even then it is not introduced for the “cover” but as a means to achieve the learning objectives identified above. Courses designed in this way put learning first, they often transcend the traditional boundaries of their discipline’s powers and generally seek to achieve more ambitious cognitive development than classes that often begin and end with mastery of content . Although the advantages of the back of the design are obvious, it is probably even more the exception than the rule of class planning.

However, the rear design has benefits beyond those described above. Just as the technique is advantageous to the students we teach, it is valuable to our own growth path as educators and serves as a useful bridge to interact with teachers outside our disciplines.

Making Difficult Decisions
First, (re) design a course with a back design that forces us to retreat to our areas of expertise, which we know so well and so dearly, and approach the learning process as beginners. In other words, we know even our disciplines and content that it is difficult to imagine someone who is not equipped with such knowledge or a burning desire to acquire it. More importantly, we love the content that is our area, and it is quite painful to imagine excluding elements for the development of skills or the realities of semester boundaries.

The previous construction forces us to make difficult decisions in that it is really necessary contents for our students to reach their learning objectives.
The previous construction forces us to make difficult decisions in that it is really necessary contents for our students to reach their learning objectives. Maryellen Weimer wrote that our attitude towards basic content “has always been dominated by an assumption: more is better” (p. 46). If this building embodies the typical “coverage” approach, then perhaps “just enough content – and No more “could set the course around the principles of back design. And it forces us to make fundamental decisions about learning and the role of basic content, we face the very nature of what we want to achieve as educators. Is it simply that the students know a lot about our area? Or is it mainly so that they can develop the mental habits that characterize the professionals? The previous objective of lowering the objective of the taxonomy of Bloom, since it requires a high trajectory.

Ken Bain wrote about “the failure of expectations” (page 28) as a necessary component of students’ cognitive advancement. That is to say that students should be placed in a situation in which they realize that their existing forms of knowledge are not used correctly. Only then can we navigate through the “learning bottlenecks” (in the language of Diaz et al.) That inhabit our fields. I prefer to push the bathroom analogy: it is often only through our own failures that we as teachers can design the most authentic and meaningful learning experiences for our students. For better or for worse (and usually worse), most of us have begun to teach ourselves how we teach ourselves, and many of us always do. Only when we realize that these approaches do not achieve our desired learning goals. We look at the educational abyss to contemplate the fundamental puzzles of education. If we are lucky, we can ask a partner for help, or stumble across a good educational reading. And if the reverse gear design is considered a solution, maybe we could strengthen our own teaching bottleneck and offer something better.

Way We Teach

Why Are We So Slow to Change the Way We Teach?

Why Are We So Slow to Change the Way We Teach?


Reflections on change – not so much change, since the process of change, offered in light of its slow start. Yes, the conference is a good example. In a recent survey, 275 economics professors who teach the course principles said they gave 70 percent during class time, led the discussion to 20 percent. 100 time and that students were doing activities for 10 percent of the time. The article cites studies in this area since the mid-1990s that indicate similar percentages. Perhaps other areas have changed more, but the evidence supports continued reliance on conferences in many areas.

The professor teacher Blog However, the conference is not the only example of slowness to change. Many aspects of designing educational courses, approaches to qualifying tests, and missions also changed little. Certainly, some schools are changing, and many regularly, but not most. The question is why?” Here are some options I’ve considered.

Change is harder than we think. We have invested a great deal of our teaching and our students while showering for error. Try something new, and there is a risk of failure. There is a risk with what we do every day, but it feels safer to go with the real test. And most of the time, the news should be reviewed, adjusted and refined. The first time, it did not go as well as we did once.

The work in cognitive psychology on the use of deliberate practice to develop experience is relevant here. It is a practice with specific characteristics: these are difficult tasks that require effort and effort to achieve. Developmental experience also involves working on specific components of the task. It is necessary to receive information from a trainer with the ability to analyze the performance and suggests how it can be improved. And students should reflect both performance and feedback. As its name implies, a deliberate practice means a programmed practice, a concrete practice, a concerted effort to improve.

Faculties tend to underestimate the complexity associated with educational change. They deal with Nike’s “just do it” attitude. This attitude will develop, but the approach to change is too often fragmented and reactive. “Oh, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that.” Or “Gee, this could be a possible solution” to any problem that occurs. The infusion of new techniques, interesting ideas and promising strategies around effective teaching rather than towards it with a card and a designated route.

The “do it” approach consists of the application before you take into account the objectives – what the change will achieve and how to determine if this happens. A number of problems relate to the challenges of assessing change. Many of us have unrealistic expectations for success. We want the change to work perfectly from the beginning and be a “top 10” learning experience for each student and each course. We are in our noble aspirations, but unrealistic about the results. Changes of instructions do not work perfectly, we discover. But then, how often do we evaluate the results beyond our vision of how it fell? In private, we question our ability; In public, we put problems in focus and / or students.

The Difference Between Amateur and Pro

The Difference Between Amateur and Pro

The Difference Between Amateur and Pro


Uniqueness – One of the most obvious reasons some photographers make great verification and others do not is that the most famous photographers can tell a unique story that is nowhere else. When taking photos around the same level of skill, generally the same things and generally in the same style as millions of other people, they cling intrinsically to increasing competition and not to permetz followers and potential fans To exercise the due exposure of their work in concrete. By educating yourself, finding a niche composition and developing a professional portfolio of quality work that stands out, it will greatly increase your chance of generating interest in your job.
Patience – One of the most important elements that distinguish the advantages of enthusiasts is the amount of time spent capturing a flawless image. Whether waiting for perfect natural light in the park, the perfect instant nail in the subway or the perfect smile of a baby in a tie portrait of port professionals understand that a great photograph takes time and the most remarkable pictures do not fall only In his lap.
Search – If you travel to a specific location to capture a landscape or landmark that shoots you in mind, it is important to do a little research before you go. Weather forecast for traffic (which could affect in a time of light), you must have an important idea of how you will play the day before you start. For example, if you want to capture a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk, you should check the local forecast in New York to know what time it should arrive.

Picking the Best Photography School

Picking the Best Photography School

Picking the Best Photography School


If you want to pursue photography as a real career, not just a hobby, finding the best photography school is probably one of your top priorities.

What is NYIP studying?

When exploring the options available today, there are many things to consider before you begin. Are you currently working on another job? If so, how much time are you really able to devote to school and field work missions every week? Do you want a full degree program, ebooks and individual statements from real professional photographers or just read messages tutorials and free videos Watch Free? Do you want professional feedback on all your photos or can you actually criticize and give you suggestions? These are all questions that you should consider before participating in your photographic training and finding a successful career.

Area courses offered at YouTube Community College amateur videos and free online tutorials, we have developed a useful table that can be referenced when you move forward with your decision making. Look at the amount of money next to the other that will pay for the different options and exactly the quality of comprehensive education you will get from that cost.

The choice of the best graphic school of photography
Anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

Before discovering NYIP, many of our students say they have had difficulty balancing education with other commitments. Some had existing quarries, others had young families who kept them occupied and some had elderly parents to support. Whatever your situation, our program structure has been completely designed with the intention of you and your waiting time.

Once you enroll in one of our courses, you will immediately receive an email with access information that can be used to access our online learning center each time you are ready to begin. A golf delivery platform at the forefront of technology, always carefully designed and updated by our in-house team of photographic mentors, developers and curriculum designers, this learning center is the one where you login and complete your course whenever you can save weather. And the best part of this? Unlike other schools that require you to start class at the time chosen by someone else and out of your control, take our course with you wherever you need to be. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet. At your lunch break at work and want to play another lesson on your phone? Go ahead and log in first. Are you trapped on the train home from work? Kill time and do the work by accessing your course while you wait.

One of our students, Kristy’s graduating professional course in 2015, recently received us wonderful comments on how the structure at its own pace changed her life. “As a full-time parent of very active teenagers and pre-teens, the flexibility of this course helped me continue my dream and I’m always there for my children,” he shared.

Overall achievement and accreditation

Unlike other courses offered locally, when you graduated from NYIP, you get a certificate that will be recognized around the world. Working with thousands of international students in countries around the world, NYIP is the only online photography school to be licensed by the New York State Department of Education and accredited by the Commission on Distance Accreditation. We are also nationally accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Not only that, we also develop international partners who can teach our photography courses in other languages or locally in other regions.

How To Photograph Water

How To Photograph Water

How To Photograph Water


Gradually as the weather warms up, many photographers return to the habit of coming out to cross a variety of images of nature and landscape, one of the most popular images of various water plans.

If it is a niche composition you want to practice, here are some tips to keep in mind before you begin:

Exposure – In most cases, underexposed water images are the best option to get the most flattering appearance. Otherwise, you are likely to create too many lights and the entire plan will appear as a very blinding shadow of white and very bright. An exception to this, of course, and an additional recommendation of ours is if you work on a cloudy day. Although many people mistakenly believe that cloudy days should be avoided when it comes to outdoor photographs, we disagree. Visit our tutorial on large photographs here for more details on why.
Filters – Photography Water is also a great opportunity to use a polarizing filter. If there are distractions that you want to eliminate in a more serene and placid flat aspect, this is the tool to look for. Especially on sunny days, this will also help eliminate unwanted reflections.
Reflections – If interesting reflections are part of your vision of composition, consider the benefits of creating an attractive symmetry to frame the reflective scene. If you need advice to get started, here’s a short video guide on photographic symmetry.
Motion – If you are shooting a moving body of water like a waterfall or river torrent, you must adjust the shutter speed accordingly to freeze the movement in a way that suits your artistic vision. If you are not familiar with the shutter speed to use, see the link to a useful table.

3 Ways to Simplify Travel Photography

3 Ways to Simplify Travel Photography

3 Ways to Simplify Travel Photography


Photographers who are constantly moving to new locations include the typical workflow of the composition should change at times when applied on the road. If you explore travel photography and looking to simplify the process, here are 3 quick and easy ways to do this:

Speed ​​Control: Do not waste your time and dragging energy around a heavy backpack or a camera full of unnecessary tools that you do not even use. Is what you really need to pack two different DSLRs for a hiking trip? Probably not. Our advice is to really consider your creative vision and the type of captures you want to create and try to narrow down your options on a camera and a single lens.
Tripod Disorders – In the same vein as removing the camera and lens choice, deciding to carry a tripod is also (perhaps unnecessarily) weighed. If possible, try choosing a camera that has a built-in stabilization mode.
Stay Loaded – This is probably one of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes made by travel photographers. There is nothing more frustrating than having to reduce your process because the device is dead. Always assume, and always pack additional batteries.

RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets 

RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets 

RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets

Aspirants will transfer RRB Secunderabad Hall tickets from this online page by victimisation the direct link. Raiwlay enlisting Board Secunderabad has issued RRB NTPC Stage three communication Admit Card for those aspirants those who had qualified in RRB NTPC 02nd Stage communication. Aspirants are knowing that the power test and typewriting ability test goes to be persisted regular date as given below. Contenders should have their User ID and watchword to transfer RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets NTPC Admit Card. While not RRB Secunderabad Hall tickets 2016, aspirants won’t be allowed to look within the examination.

Thus, for the benefit of candidates we have a tendency to area unit providing direct link to urge RRB Secunderabad NTPC Hall ticket. Railway achievement Board conducts this communicating to fill varied vacant positions of CA, TA, GG, Senior Clerk-cum-Typist and Assistant Station Master et al.. type this web content of, candidates can collect RRB NTPC 03rd Stage communicating Pattern and different details regarding RRB Secunderabad Hall price tag 2017–2018.

RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets :

Go through the mentioned below directions to transfer Railway achievement Board Secunderabad NTPC Admit Card inside few seconds.

Applicants those who need to urge RRB Secunderabad NTPC Stage three Admit Card they foremost have to be compelled to visit the official net portal that’s World Wide
Afterwards, head to the left facet of home page and choose “e-Call letter for power take a look at/ typewriting ability test for third Stage Examination (CBT) of NTPC (Graduate) posts against CEN No. 03/2015” link.
After touch this link, you’ll reach on new page:
Here candidates have to be compelled to enter their valid ID and positive identification in search box.
Then preview all details and continue “Login” button to transfer RRB Secunderabad NTPC third Stage Admit Card.
Within few seconds, Railway achievement Board NTPC Admit Card are opened at your device’s screen.
At last, you’ll transfer RRB Secunderabad e-Admit Card or take the print out of RRB Secunderabad decision Letter to urge entry within the examination hall.

.Important Note:

To gather additional details regarding RRB Secunderabad Hall Tickets 2016- 2017 should check Official Link. you’ll be able to conjointly follow North American nation on Facebook and Google and to fetch updated details relating to RRB Secunderabad Hall price tag 2017-2018.

Applicants will save our net portal as bookmarker by victimization Ctrl+D for obtaining instants access. This page are updated with current info concerning Railway achievement Board examination Hall price tag. you’ll be able to visit our portal for any info concerning achievement, examination, decision letter result, study material etc. you’ll be able to conjointly comment in below given comment box if you have got any question.


ibps full form

IBPS Full Form in English Language

This guide will explain what IBPS is. What is the full form of IBPS?

The full form of the IBPS is the selection of the Banking Staff Institute. It is an autonomous body that performs contracting reviews for most public sector banks, the Central Bank of India (SBI), the Central Bank of India (RBI), the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) , SIDBI, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), cooperative banks and several insurance companies.

IBPS conducts recruitment examinations for probation officer positions, specialist officer, RRB (regional rural bank), employees, Hindi officer, assistants, research associate, etc.

Here we will focus only on the exam PO, OS, employee and RRB in detail with the complete form of each one.

The full form is a probation officer

Each year, the IBPS conducts a review of probation officer positions in many public banks. Those wishing to apply for the exam must complete the online application form on the IBPS website.

The bank probation officer is on probation for a period of time (usually 2 years). During the first years, the PO bank is being trained in various departments of the bank and must perform tasks such as deposits, advances, customer service, payments, cash management, loan processing, account opening, etc.
the probation period has ended, a PO official will be posted at any branch of the bank as deputy director of the bank.

N / A is a specialist

The Specialist (SO) has different roles and positions such as IT Officer, Law Officer, Human Resources Officer, Marketing Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Agricultural Field Officer, etc.

Interested candidates can complete the online IBPS SO application form on the official IBPS website.

The complete RRB form is the Rural Rural Bank

RRB are local banking organizations operating in different states of India. They were created to serve mainly rural areas of India with basic banking and financial services. However, they may have established branches for urban operations and their area of operation may also include urban areas.

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